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Friday, June 27, 2008
Missy Diecut 2:45 AM

Have you ever wonder where the word "eyelet" come from? For me & my "bouncing bananas"

partner, we think its more of a "diecut" =) so here it is! Missy Diecut! A mixture of Kimono

inspired sleeveless top with the diecuts at the bottom! Simply sweet =)

Size:Fits UK 4 to 10

Material: Cotton

Colours: White, Peach & Yellow

RM 42.00


Random Racerback 2:24 AM

Hello America!

Eye Scream


Size:Fits UK 4 to 12

Material: Stretchable Cotton

Colours: Hello America!, Eye Scream(SOLD), Woof!

RM 20.00


Sexy Sailor 2:13 AM

It is sexy alright! =)

With thin lines of either black& white or red& white, this top is obviously too gorgeous to miss,

right? and plus! It makes you look like you're wearing a bikini inside or something! =) sweet!

Size:Fits UK 4 to 12

Material: Cotton

Colours: Red & Black

RM 40.00


Wednesday, June 11, 2008
Restocked Strawberry Whatever!!! *SOLD OUT* 8:25 PM

Remember this??? It's been sold out, both strawberry & Vanilla...

I tried to restock both of the colours since many of you want it, but sadly vanilla's out of stock! =(

I have restocked one Strawberry Whatever Bag though,

So do mail me if you're interested kays! =)

RM 52.00




Lecture Halls 8:13 PM

When I think about lecture halls, I tend to remember their sooper airconds.. LOL..! so here it is.. protect yourself from shivering cold lecture halls days.. lolx..! continuation from the Highlight Cardi.

Size:Fits UK 4 to 12

Material: Comfy Cotton

Colours: Charcoal(SOLD), Lime(SOLD) & Pink

RM 40.00

Last piece in Pink

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Thursday, June 5, 2008
Whatever Bag *SOLD OUT* 1:22 AM

Inside (thick patterned cotton)

Oversized bags are so useful! Just chuck anything you'd want to bring inside and there you go!
Plus, it looks so good and casual! Great for day outs and college days! =) PLUS, its an MNG inspired hobo bag!!! =)
*restock able according to availability*

Material: High quality man made leather (smooth feel)
Colours: Strawberry(SOLD) & Vanilla(2SOLD,)

RM 52.00


Mail us to restock! =)

Restock order:
White (1)
Pink (1)

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Sugar Dressing 1:03 AM

Wearing without the spag

Spaghetti top included FOC!!!

Wear it with the spag

Modeled pics as requested!

Cinch it!

Cinch it not!

As a long top for girls around 165-170cm(the model,me is in this section).
As a dress for girls around 150-164cm.


Size: FreeSize (UK 4 to UK10)

Length: (inc straps): 31 inches

Material: Soft Cotton (stretchable)

Colours: Black+white spag(SOLD), Pink+black spag(SOLD)& Brown+black spag

RM 35.00

Last piece in Brown + Black


Highlight Cardi*SOLD OUT* 12:57 AM

*restock able according to availability*

Size:Fits UK 4 to 12
Material: Soft cotton (Stretchable)
Colours: Pink Guava(SOLD) & Coffee Mate(reserved)

RM 40.00


*For bags, look up for a post called "Whatever Bag"*

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Monday, May 26, 2008
1st Sales! 7:08 AM

Yes, I know I have been missing... Well not really, just busy with The Bouncing Bananas!
Here are items for sale for u girls!!! I WILL be back soon!
With new look to the site & great stuff to be updated!!
THIS TIME it will be BIG! =)

Braided Monster

Size: Freesize (UK6-UK10)
Colours: LAST PIECE - Blue(SOLD)
Then:RM 45.00
NOW: 35.00


Miss Traditional

Size: FreeSize (UK 6 to UK10)
Colours: Green(SOLD),Blue(SOLD) & Brown(reserved)
Then:RM 40.00
Now: RM 28.00

Skeleton Key

*Blue skeleton key has a different design*

Colours: Red(SOLD),
Blue(SOLD) & Black(SOLD)
Then:RM 10.00
Now: RM 8.00


All are imported goodies!!! =) so grab!!


Sunday, May 18, 2008
Leg huggers 5:24 AM

From left: Checkered, Black holes, Denim jazz


*Black Holes*

I really thought there are nothing like this in Malaysia, but I think it is starting to show in here and there, however you cant find patterned leggings which are exactly like this! Because the one that I'm selling is thick in material, and they are tight until your ankles. It creates the skinny jeans look, but even skinnier! =)
It hugs your legs so perfectly, no matter what size they are!

Size: Freesize (fits S-L)
Remarks: Very Stretchable
Colours: Checkered(SOLD1, 1 available), Black Holes, Denim Jazz, Square

RM 30.00

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008
The Country & The City 9:27 AM

The Country (Brown checked) & The City (Grey smaller checked)
*click on picture for bigger view*

Shorts are so in, I brought in some self imported shorts for you girls! Believe me, they are so comfortable!

Measurements (Laid flat)
Waist: 15"
Hips: 17"
Length: 13"
Thigh: 10"

Measurements (Laid flat)
Waist: 15.5"
Hips: 17"
Length: 14"
Thigh: 10"

*All measurements are in inches*

Size: As measurement stated
Colours: The Country & The City(SOLD)

RM 35.00

Last piece in The Country

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Monday, May 12, 2008
SMS is the QUICKER way!!! 5:06 AM

Now you can SMS your orders & enquiries to this number


So you girls will be able to get the confirmations or information as son as possible!!! How great is that!!!


Sunday, May 11, 2008
Granny Smith *SOLD OUT* 7:06 AM

Ah.. the granny smith... very healthy fruit indeed. One apple a day, makes the doctors jobless someday =D LOL! okay2.. anyway, When I put my eyes on this set of dresses, I was singing "Hallelujah" on my head. =D because this chiffon dress spells SWEET!!!! Curl your beautiful locks, wear this dress, wear sexy heels, speechless.

Size: UK 6 to 10
Colours: Red(SOLD), Yellow(SOLD) & Green(reserved)
RM 45.00


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Skeleton Key *SOLD OUT* 6:56 AM

*Blue skeleton key has a different design*

Colours: Red(SOLD), Blue(SOLD) & Black(SOLD)
RM 10.00 (NOW rm8.00)


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Miss Traditional *SOLD OUT* 6:48 AM

This is not true colour of brown, this is my own piece, in red =) Brown true colour is shown underneath.

I heart this piece so much, we live in the South East Asia, and we do very much of Batik, treasure the art while still staying oh so stylish! Pair it up with shorts and heels and there you go! Easy peasy!! Plus, the material is oh so comfortable & great detailing! Need i say more???

Size: FreeSize (UK 6 to UK10)
Colours: Green(SOLD), Blue(SOLD) & Brown(reserved)
RM 40.00

Get it now! (now selling for RM28.00)


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Braided Monster *SOLD OUT* 6:22 AM

*legging sold separately*

Braids are so in this season, and so are the mini-dresses! Wear this braided monster with leggings or skinnies, accompanied with killer heels! =) oh, the world will be your paparazzi. Lol!

Size: Freesize (UK6-UK10)
Colours: Brown(SOLD), Blue(SOLD) & Sea-green(SOLD)
RM 45.00


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